Our Story


The 'Lost Boys Collection' is a New Zealand owned and operated mens business boutique tailored for men in the travelling and non travelling business industry.

The 'Lost Boys Collection' aim to provide a collection of shirts and ties catered and appealed to the eye of business men.

We have created a ‘Classic Collection’ for your every day business wear and a ‘Casual Collection’ more styled towards ‘a shirt to wear out’ or a classy but not too fancy shirt for your more ‘relaxed but tidy’ occasions.

We have also created a tie collection which is designed to help you stand out. A simple piece which has been made to be the main focus of your attire.

We constantly see people rush through airports losing crucial pieces of information. Passports, boarding passes and travel documents. So, our goal is to create a travel essential wallet collection designed and tailored to make your travel less stressful, more personalised, styled and organised! (Coming soon)

In our collections, our vision is to bring back the Gentlemen era and the old school style that has been lost among men.

So, the 'Lost Boys Collection' was born.

Lets look after men.